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Frequently Asked Questions:

Does ArmoryTech sponsor teams?

Yes, however sponsorship is currently closed. We are not accepting any more teams
at this time. If we start accepting teams again it will be listed here.

Do you ship to the UK, Canada or Mexico?
Not at this time.

How does the Armory mount?
The Armory is wall mounted. The Armory comes with 2 small screws and 2 drywall

When will the Armory be available in Battle Axe Black?
It is now on sale!

Can I get listed in ArmoryTech's testimonials?
Yes, fill out the above from. Be sure to include your location. E-mail photos to

Will the Armory hold the Guitar Hero guitar?
Yes, remove the second level pegs and put the neck on the bottom pegs and you can
still hold two controllers on top.

Will the Armory hold the XBOX 360 controllers with the "ChatPad" on?
Yes it will.

Can I charge my XBOX 360 controllers in the Armory?
Yes, a 360 controller with Microsoft charger will fit into the Armory fine.

Can I charge my PS3 controllers in the Armory?
No, The PS3 controller does not fit well when the controller is plugged in. We have a
PS3 charging Armory coming out next year and a charging adapter.

Will the Armory hold the Wii motes?
Yes, although we didn't design the Armory specifically with the Wii in mind. You can
hang them, or lay the mote on the pegs with the chuck.

What game system does Malt Liquor play the most?
In this order: XBOX 360, Wii, PC games, PS3.

What games are you guys playing?
Our tags are on the About Us page